Horizon Consultants, S.A. - Solutions in Geotechnical Engineering

Horizon Consultants, S.A. Is a company founded in the Dominican Republic on August 3, 2001. It is dedicated to offer Geotechnical Engineering services, with more than 15 years of experience and accumulated knowledge in the area.

In these years of experience, we have gained an intimate understanding of local soil conditions. Horizon Consultants has provided technically advanced and cost-effective geotechnical solutions to the most recognized infrastructures, both industrial and commercial, throughout the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

As one of the leading companies in our country, we are always innovating and at the forefront of new technologies that give us better solutions to any problems of foundations and decrease the costs of our clients. From here we have gained a reputation as creative thinkers and trusted advisors who together our clients work to get the best results in their most challenging projects.


Horizon Consultants has a specialized and trained personnel to carry out each activity, with the best equipment and programs available in the market, resulting in works of optimum quality, in the shortest possible time.