Our team has extensive experience in soil laboratory testing, field testing, sampling and monitoring, which allows us to offer comprehensive geotechnical services to our customers.

Horizon Consultants provides laboratory services for all types of applications following the guidelines of the ASTM and AASHTO standards and accredited by the MOPC. Some of the tests carried out in our laboratory and in the field include:


Ensayos Suelos/Agregados

Clasificación del Suelo (USCS) ASTM D2487
Compresión No Confinada ASTM D2166
Consolidación Unidimensional ASTM D2435
Contenido de Finos ASTM D1140
Contenido de Humedad ASTM D2216
Contenido Orgánico ASTM D2974
Corte Directo  ASTM D3080
Densidad EM 1110-2-1906
Descripción Visual Manual ASTM D2484
Expansión Suelo Cohesivo ASTM D4546
Granulometría - Tamiz e Hidrometro ASTM D422
Gravedad Especifica ASTM D854
Limites Atterberg ASTM D4318
Proctor Estándar ASTM D698
Proctor Modificado ASTM D1557
UU Triaxial ASTM D2850
CU Triaxial Shear with Pore Preassure Measurements  ASTM D4767

Ensayos Concreto

Compresión Cilindros ASTM C39
Revenimiento (slump) ASTM C143
Temperatura ASTM C1064
Toma de Muestras y Curado ASTM C31